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Discover the restorative powers of mud.


Step into the enchanting world of our Nepalese Mudballs, an ancient secret from the breathtaking Mustang region. In the traditions of Nepal and many other ancient tribes, mud holds a sacred significance, and we bring this age-old wisdom to your daily skincare routine.


Handcrafted by the local community, our Mudballs are not just soap balls; they are small treasures infused with the rich benefits of Mustang mud. Uncover the indulgence for your skin, as this mud is renowned for its ability to reduce impurities, absorb excess oil, and tone the skin, all while reducing inflammation.


What makes our Mudballs truly special? Alongside the skincare properties, this natural gem is packed with nutrients, trace elements, and various minerals that your body absorbs swiftly. It's the perfect way to pamper yourself with the gifts of Mother Earth.


To elevate your experience, we've added a delicate string—not only to ensure a slippery-free shower but also to allow you to hang this Mudball next to your sink. This way, it effortlessly drips off excess water, making it incredibly economical.


Immerse yourself in the simple beauty of our Mudballs, a symbol of purity and rejuvenation. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, seeking high-quality skincare, or looking for a unique gift, these Mudballs are the ideal choice.


Ignite your curiosity and treat yourself to a piece of Nepal, encapsulated in a Mudball. Perfect for you, perfect as a gift!


100% natural ingredients: 100% vegan, free from essential oils and perfumes.


Boasting gentle absorption qualities, this mud provides a shield against aging-inducing free radicals, offering a subtle skin nurturing touch. I use this one everyday over and over again! So perfect for everyday use.

Mudball Yellow

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€ 7,50Verkoopprijs
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  • Gracefully hang it on a charming hook beside your sink (you can also use the incense holder for the rope incense, a delightful touch!). If you prefer, nestle it on a dish, but ensure it's well-drained; this way, it becomes a cherished, economical ritual—because wasting even a drop would be a heartache!

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